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Linking Savage Park to the Laurel MARC Stations



About the Project

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to develop 30% design documents for a series of on/off road facilities to improve connections from the Patuxent Branch Trail trailhead at Savage Park to the North Laurel Community Center continuing to the Laurel Race Track MARC Station and the Laurel MARC Station; potentially including a shared use pathway to improve access and connections across an existing utility right of way.

This project will link with other local and regionally significant area plans that champion bicycle and pedestrian transportation options. They are as follows:

  • BikeHoward (The Howard County Bicycle Master Plan)
  • WalkHoward (The Howard County Pedestrian Master Plan)


The main objective of this project is to identify preferred on/off road improvements to provide needed access to local communities and a multi modal transportation link between North Laurel and Savage Park.  The result of this planning project will guide the connectivity improvements, such as short pathway connections, sharrows, bike lanes and signage to guide cyclists and connect to destinations in the south.

Project Schedule

Key Tasks Status/Date
30% Design Grant Awarded Complete
Open House November 17, 2015
2nd Open House with 30% Design Plans June 15, 2016
Finalize 30% Design Plans August 2016
Submit final report December 2016

Project Documents


30% Design Documents

North Laurel Connections 30% Design

North Laurel Connections Wayfinding Package

June 15, 2016 Meeting Material

North Laurel Connections Trail Connection

North Laurel Connections Signage

North Laurel Connections Overall Route


November 17, 2015 Open House Material

North Laurel Connections – Options Map

North Laurel Connections- Options

North Laurel Connections Presentation 11-17-15


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