Green T

An Active Transportation Based Corridor Connecting People and Places

The vision for the Green T is for a high quality pathway that runs from Cedar Lane Park in Columbia to North Laurel, connecting Columbia, Savage and the City of Laurel together with a continuous and easy to use non-motorized transportation and recreation corridor.Green T Portrait for Website

Bike Howard, the county’s bicycle master plan, is based on the theme of connecting people and places. A central tenet of the plan is leveraging existing and programmed facilities to guide the development of cycling infrastructure in the county. This idea guided the development a three-phased approach to advance the plan. The three phases; short, mid and long reflect this approach, with the short-term phase focusing on connecting core places using existing facilities. The Green T is more refined reflection of this focus.

The primary segments of the Green T will be about 11 miles long and the secondary connections east from Oakland Mills, north to MD 108, and the MARC stations will add another 10 miles. This network of trails and bike lanes that will connect job centers, destinations and high quality transit already includes existing segments, such as the Patuxent Branch Trail, while other segments are in their design and planning stages.

Status of Segments in the Green T

Number Project Area/Description Planning – Feasibility Preliminary Design Final Design Construction
1 Harpers Farm Road Connections to Cedar Lane Park In Process
2 Cedar Lane Shared Use Path Completed  Completed In Process
3 Downtown Columbia MUP (Hospital to Bridge) Completed  Completed Completed In process
4 Pedestrian/Bike Bridge Improvements Feasibility Completed
5 Lakefront to Stevens Forest Road Shared Use Path Completed In Process
6A Stevens Forest Road Connection to PBT Using River Corridor Feasibility Completed
6B Stevens Forest Road Connection to Lake Elkhorn/PBT using BLP Feasibility Completed
6int Interim Connection
7 Ped/Bike Bridge to Blandair Park Shared Use Path Improvements Completed  Completed  Completed In process
8 Existing Patuxent Branch Trail (From Lake Elkhorn to Guilford Road Trailhead) Existing
9 Lower Patuxent Branch Trail Paving In Process  In Process  In Process  In Process
10 North Laurel Connections In Process In Process

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