Howard County Bike Racks Program

IMG_20170913_1501049Thanks to a grant from the Maryland Bikeways Program, the Howard County Office of Transportation is pleased to offer free installation of bike racks on public and private property throughout the County. These bike racks will enhance bicycle access to important community amenities and support the County’s sustainability and public health and wellness goals. The County plans to install 200 bike racks over the course of two years.

Suggest a Bike Rack Request a Bike Rack
Have you noticed a place that should have a bike rack but doesn’t? Let us know! Are you a property owner who’s interested in having a bike rack installed on your property at no cost to you?

Our Commitment

  • Work with you to find a location on your property
  • Provide and install a bike rack at no cost to you

Your Commitment

  • Maintain the rack at its installed location for 5 years
  • Get in touch with us if you need to relocate it

Click here to submit an online request for a bike rack, or click here for a printable request form.

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