Cedar Lane Shared Use Path


West side of Cedar Lane from the intersection of Little Patuxent Parkway and Cedar Lane to intersection of Harpers Farm Road and Cedar Lane.


Preliminary design plans were completed in March 2015 and final design work was completed in November 2016. Right-of-way acquisition is ongoing. Construction was expected to begin in 2019 but has been delayed due to challenges with Right-of-way acquisition.

About the Project

The goal of the project is to upgrade an existing sidewalk on the west side of Cedar Lane to a shared use path and add a missing section of shared use path to provide a high quality pedestrian and cyclist connection. The shared use path will allow cyclists to safely travel north/south and connect to the Downtown Columbia Trail’s terminus at Howard County General Hospital.

Phase 1 developed preliminary designs for the project and is complete.

Phase 2 developed final designs for the shared use pathway portions of the project.

Phase 3 will be the construction of the shared use pathway.

Project Documents

Cedar Lane Final Design Documents

Cedar Lane Preliminary Design Documents

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