Shared Use Pathways

Downtown Columbia Trail

Shared use pathways are a form of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure that offers complete separation from vehicular traffic. They may take the form of asphalt neighborhood connections (such as the many pathways managed by the Columbia Association), paved trails through wooded areas, or sidepaths that allow bicyclists to travel safely alongside major roads.

Patuxent Branch Trail

Shared use pathways offer cyclists of all skill and experience levels an opportunity to travel in a safe, low-stress environment. In Howard County, the Downtown Columbia Trail (pictured) opened in 2016, and plans are underway to construct sidepaths alongside Dobbin Road and Cedar Lane, as well as upgrade the surface of the unpaved segment of the existing Patuxent Branch Trail.

When you’re on the trail, remember to be courteous, stay to the right, and let those ahead of you know if you plan to pass them.

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