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General resources and links are provided below. Additional links to National, State, and Regional bike planning and best practices documents will be provided on an ongoing basis.

Recent Improvements in Howard County’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Network

Bicycle Safety

  • For bicyclists – Did you know:
    • Under Maryland law, bicyclists have the same rights as drivers.
    • You are allowed to ride your bike on all Howard County sidewalks – except Historic Ellicott City!
    • Bicyclists have the same rights in crosswalks as pedestrians do.
  • For drivers of motor vehicles – Did you know:
    • Allow 3 feet of space when passing a bicyclist. When safe to do so, vehicles are allowed to cross a double yellow line to provide sufficient clearance.
    • Motorists should yield to bicyclists and pedestrians at intersections and on roads. Let’s keep our vulnerable road users safe.
    • It is illegal to park a car in a bike lane in Howard County.

Bike Box 101 – Bike boxes are new to Howard County! Learn more about bike boxes and what to do when you come across one

Look Alive – A campaign in our region to raise awareness about pedestrian and bicycle safety and highlight enforcement of the laws that protect people biking and walking

Look Out For Each Other: A Guide to Sharing the Road Safely When Driving and Cycling Brochure

Bicycle Racks

Bicycle Routes

  • The Baltimore Regional Council maintains a database of all existing bicycle trails and bike lanes in the region. Howard County provides annual updates to this database. The information is displayed on an interactive map and is searchable by address or by panning.
  • Google maps is an excellent tool for bicycle trip planning. Go to:, click on the directions icon (light blue diamond with white turn symbol), click on the cycling icon, and type in your starting point and destination.

Safety plans for Howard County and the State

  • Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is making improvements to the State’s roadway network to improve safety for all Maryland roadway users. Visit Vision Zero to learn more about how every crash is preventable.

Transportation in Howard County

Bicycle Facility Design Guidance and Manuals

Bicycle Planning in Neighboring Counties

Regional and Statewide Bicycle Plans

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