South Entrance Trail

Pages from 30% DESIGN PRESENTATION BOARDS - GATE LOCATION SHOWNThe South Entrance Trail (formerly known as the Downtown Columbia to Stevens Forest Road Pathway) would connect the growing shared-use pathway network in Downtown Columbia to Hillcroft Executive Park, Owen Brown, Lake Elkhorn, and the Patuxent Branch Trail. The 1.3-mile pathway would generally follow an existing sewer alignment along the Little Patuxent River.

In November 2017, Howard County received a grant from the Maryland Bikeways Program to perform detailed engineering analysis on the the alignment’s most significant engineering challenges, which are two small bridge structures and the proposed pathway’s crossing under US 29. This project is now underway, and updated design documents will be presented to the public at the conclusion of this phase of design (expected to be late 2019). A timeline for construction has not yet been determined, as it will be dependent on funding availability.

In 2016, the Office of Transportation and Department of Public works initiated a preliminary design study funded by the Maryland Bikeways Program. The results of the design study and information presented at a public meeting held on October 6, 2016 are shown below.

30% Design Boards-Stevens Forest to Downtown Columbia

30% Design Plans-Stevens Forest to Downtown Columbia

Basis of Design Report-Stevens Forest to Downtown Columbia Trail

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