BikeHoward Implementation through Resurfacing Projects

Howard County anticipates pursuing implementation of BikeHoward’s recommendations for the following roadways during the coming year:

  • Lightning View Road (Columbia, Village of Oakland Mills)
    • Click here to view the presentation from the June 12, 2018 presentation at the Oakland Mills Community Association board meeting.
  • Hickory Ridge Road (Columbia, Village of Hickory Ridge and Town Center)
    • Click here to view the presentation from the July 2, 2018 presentation at the Hickory Ridge Village Board meeting.
    • Click here to view a one-page summary of ongoing BikeHoward implementation efforts in Hickory Ridge, including bike lanes on Hickory Ridge Road.
  • Portions of Summer Sunrise Drive and River Run (Columbia, Village of River Hill)
    • The Office of Transportation discussed these proposals at the River Hill Community Association Traffic and Safety Committee meeting on August 22, 2018 at 6:30 pm at Claret Hall (6020 Daybreak Circle). Click here to view the presentation.
  • Old Columbia Road (Columbia, Village of Kings Contrivance)
      • Click here to view the presentation from the May 15, 2019 presentation at the Kings Contrivance Community Association board meeting.
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