2020 Bike to Work Events


The Howard County Office of  Transportation is partnering with the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) and Love to Ride Central Maryland to bring you three great opportunities: Bike to Work Week 2020, Cycle September, and the 2020 National Bike Challenge!

    1. Bike to Work Week 2020 is coming September 21-27!

      Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, this event (originally scheduled for Friday, May 15, 2020) is going virtual! Pick up a free t-shirt from one of 20 bike shops in the region and share your photos and stories on social and Love to Ride Central MD.

      Riders who register for Bike to Work Week 2020 and ride during the week of September 21-27 can pick up a free t-shirt at over a dozen area bike shops (open to the first 2,500 registrants) AND have a chance to win prizes. Riders who also sign up for Cycle September Challenge as part of the Love to Ride Central MD community can participate in a friendly month long competition and become eligible to win even more prizes.

      Bike to Work Day (B2WD) is an event celebrated across the United States each May to encourage and celebrate bicycling to work and promote public awareness of bicycling and bicycle safety. Locally, B2WD promotes a “clean commute” and is part of the region’s Clean Commute Initiative, which begins in April. Late Spring is the start of the ground-level ozone season when we hear about Code Red and Orange Ozone Action Days. On those days, the air is dangerous to breathe – especially for the young and for the elderly. Emissions from single occupancy vehicles contribute significantly to our region’s dangerous ozone levels. Bike commuting can improve the air we breathe.

      Click here on biketoworkmd.com to register!


      2. Next, Cycle September is running from 1-30 September and we’d like to invite you all to take part.
      It’s a fun, free competition where we’re competing to see which workplace can get the most staff to try cycling. There are loads of prizes that you can win by riding and encouraging friends and colleagues.If you haven’t cycled for years, don’t worry!

      You only have to ride a bike for just 10 minutes or more for your participation to count towards our team’s score. And you can ride anywhere, anytime during the Challenge.If you already ride – you already know how enjoyable riding is and how good it makes you feel. So here’s your chance to get your workmates to experience how easy and enjoyable riding can be.Get involved, it takes just 2 minutes to register. Go to lovetoride.net, click ‘Register’ at the top of the page and join our team!

      3. All summer long, Love to Ride provides the tools and support to help you and your friends, coworkers, and family start riding, or riding more often, and experience the joys and benefits of riding firsthand.  It offers a single platform to keep track of riding, find answers and resources, win prizes for riding, and encourage friends and coworkers to ride (and win prizes, too).Please help spread the word or consider joining in.  To find out more (and sign up!) visit lovetoride.net/centralmd.