2018 BikeHoward Open House

More than 30 people attended the second annual BikeHoward Open House, held on January 30, 2018 at the North Laurel Community Center. The event provided an opportunity for members of the public to learn about completed and current projects, discuss planned and potential projects, and provide input and feedback to County staff.

Attendees Map
Attendees came from throughout eastern Howard County

County staff explained the BikeHoward accomplishments of the past year, including nearly six miles of new bike lanes, nearly a mile of new or upgraded shared-use pathway, 23 new County-installed bike racks, and the launch of Howard County Bikeshare. Staff also discussed current and future projects, and described the the interacting roles of the Office of Transportation, Department of Public Works, and local communities in the implementation process.

County Executive Kittleman and Bicycle and Pedestrian
Coordinator Chris Eatough listen to a resident’s comments

Those in attendance provided valuable comments on current projects as well as suggestions for future projects. Many residents commented on the proposed North Laurel Connections route from Savage Park to Laurel. Most supported the connection, while one resident expressed concerns about increased bicycle traffic in the Bowling Brook community.

Residents supported better protection for bicyclists at intersections, better bicycle connections in the US 1 and MD 32 corridors, and a bicycle and pedestrian bridge between Howard County and the City of Laurel. Attendees also provided 13 suggestions for bike rack locations, which the County can pursue through its Bike Rack Program.


Overall, the open house was an evening of dialogue between County staff and residents. Communication such as this is crucial to the success of BikeHoward and the implementation of a connected bicycle network for Howard County. Thus, while the open house is over, public comments are always welcome on our feedback page or by contacting the Office of Transportation.

Please feel free to peruse the display materials below: